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Friends for a NonViolent World

Friends for a NonViolent World (FNVW) is a Quaker-inspired organization that seeks a world free from violence and the threat of violence. We champion nonviolence as the foundation for effective programs and actions to promote the dignity of every human being.

FNVW’s programs offer experiential nonviolence training and support to inmates in Minnesota’s correctional facilities; bring people together to imagine and create a policing system that truly works for all; improve our skills in communicating in a way that can lead to clear understanding, healing and reconciliation; provide camp experiences in cooperation, community building, and peacemaking; and educate the public on the history, ethics and strategies of nonviolent personal and political action. We champion nonviolence as the foundation for effective programs and actions to promote the dignity of every human being.

FNVW relies on the power of our volunteers to fuel our organization and programs. This position would have contact with all of our programs working to ensure that current volunteers are having their needs meet, in addition to recruiting and placing new volunteers. This role will be working with our Volunteer Management team to ensure that our volunteers are given opportunities to use their strengths and talents to make lasting impact with our organization. The QVS fellow in this dynamic role would be able to experience all of our programming to gain knowledge of the different services we provide as an organization. Experience would also be gained with managing volunteers and learning how to navigate relationships with volunteers and how to support them working with participants. We are one of the few organizations in the Twin Cities who provides volunteer opportunities to individuals with a criminal record.

Program Support Specialist
This dynamic role will support 2 of our programs, Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) and Bridging the Divides: Policing that Works for Everyone. The Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) works to empower people to lead nonviolent lives through affirmation, respect for all, building and enhancing of community, cooperation and trust. AVP offers a series of 3 workshops in the community and in 5 correctional facilities.

Bridging the Divides: Policing that Works for Everyone where we envision a policing model characterized by partnership, equity, trust and transparency. This model results in a police that serves and safeguards every member of the community, and an engaged community that collaborates with and welcomes the police. Our current strategies are 1) Educate Citizens and policy makers through ongoing empowerment events 2) Analyze police department policies on interaction with the community and training.

A Fellow in this role will have the opportunity to work with incarcerated individuals, volunteers, community members, police departments, and the Department of Correction.
Tasks include but are not limited to
• Program planning and development
• Supporting existing volunteers
• Recruiting new volunteers
• Creating and strengthen partnerships
• Help assess funding opportunities

This role is a good fit for people who want to learn more about organization management, program development/ implementation, volunteer engagement, all aspects of the criminal justice system. Previous experience in any of these areas would be beneficial but not required. We are looking for someone who is committed to Nonviolence and has the skills to organize people and projects.


Bridging was founded in July of 1987 by the Outreach Networking Ministry team of Pax Christi Catholic Community in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, to provide quality furniture and household items free of charge to those in need. Bridging operated as a ministry for five years before becoming a separate 501(c) (3) non-profit in 1992. Having moved to various locations, in 1997 Bridging took ownership of the Bloomington Minnesota warehouse and central offices, located at 201 West 87th Street. Fueled by increased demand, Bridging expanded its service by opening a warehouse in Roseville in November 2006. Between our current locations in Bloomington and Roseville, Bridging operates 64,000 square feet of warehouse space and is considered the largest Furniture Bank in the United States. We partner with approximately 150 area social service agencies who refer their clients to our services. Clients come to one of our two warehouses and our guided by (volunteer) personal shoppers to select the items that they need to make their house a home.

Fellow Position:Client Services Fellow
Primary duties and responsibilities:
- Assist the clients in their shopping experience - helping them select their furniture and household items
- Driving a Bridging truck (training provided) to either assist in the delivery of furniture/household items to clients or picking up the furniture/household items that will be donated to clients
- Oversee and assist with volunteer groups in the warehouse
- Assist in special projects related to Client Services as assigned by the Client Service Manager (i.e. Poverty Simulation Trainings, Advocacy events, client/prospective client follow-up)
- Help with item intake when donors drop off items that will be given to the clients
- Organize warehouse items in a safe and efficient manner
- Assist clients by filling their orders in the warehouse when they come to pick up their items
- Perform other Bridging activities as needed

The Fellow will be working with a wide variety of populations and demographics. Our volunteers range in age from 14 all the way up to 90+. The majority of our clients (90%) have a household income of $20,000 and 56% of them are transitioning out of homelessness. There are clients who have both mental/physical disabilities as well as many for whom English is not their primary language. We do ask our agency partners to provide care attendants/translators in these situations.

The person must have a true heart for service and for those who are experiencing difficult life situations. They should have an open mind and be able to treat others with dignity and respect at all times. We place a high value on diversity, equity and inclusion. This person must be a hard worker and be flexible to do whatever it takes to get the job done. The tasks of this role are imperative to our service delivery. There is a lot of physical labor involved. They should be positive, upbeat and excellent relationally and possess outstanding customer service skills. There will be much interaction with clients, caseworkers, volunteers and donors.

Northpoint Health and Wellness

NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center, is a community-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing integrated access to a broad array of social and human services designed to meet basic needs and promote health and self-reliance. NorthPoint Inc. is co-located on the campus of NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center (NorthPoint Clinic), a full-service Federally Qualified Health Center operated in partnership with Hennepin County and the community. The two organizations share an integrated mission and report to a common CEO and Board of Directors, providing “one-door” access to integrated medical, dental, behavioral, housing, food, education, employment and other services and supports.

NorthPoint’s primary service area, zip codes 55411 and 55412, is a culturally rich, ethnically diverse area that is home to more than 56,000 residents, 73% of whom are people of color including 44% Black/African American, 14% Southeast Asian, 7% Latinx, and 6% multiracial. Centuries of structural racism that have excluded people of color from equal access to housing, community supports, and opportunities for economic mobility have led to concentrated levels of poverty, homelessness, unemployment, chronic illness, chemical dependency, low graduation rates, and other individual and community challenges in North Minneapolis. NorthPoint was launched in 1968 as part of the Johnson Administration’s War on Poverty. Originally called Pilot City, NorthPoint was one of 13 neighborhood service centers established by and for low-income communities across the U.S., with the goal to eliminate poverty and racial injustice and build The Great Society through targeted, long-term investments. Neighborhood service centers offered access to affordable health care along with innovative programs to promote economic development, education, and social justice. We continue today as NorthPoint.

Community Health Navigator
Care coordination for our Living Well at Home program for elders. To assist adults age 65 and older to stay healthy and in their homes and community. This will involve working with our primary care and human service teams in providing and connecting seniors to needed services. There will be a need to make home visits to better understand the whole person. While this program serves all of our elder clients, it also targets Latino and Hmong patients. A Spanish language speaker would assist us in this work. Previous health care or community health work experience is helpful but not essential. There will also be some ongoing work as needed with our food shelf and mobile food shelf and our produce distribution program, as well as other organizational needs but the primary work will be with the elders.

This partnership is made possible by generous support from The Friends Foundation for the Aging.

Our Saviors Housing Program

Our Saviour's Housing program operates an emergency shelter, transitional housing, and permanent supportive housing for single adults. The English Learning Center program provides free English language instruction, plus tutoring in math, computer and citizenship test preparation for newly arrived refugees and immigrants. Our Saviour's Housing program provides emergency shelter, transitional housing, permanent supportive housing plus a wide array of support services for those who are homeless in our community.Both programs are focused on serving adults primarily in south Minneapolis, Minnesota.

All of our offices and workspaces are located in close proximity to one another in an urban neighborhood in south Minneapolis. Our mission is accomplished by about 40 staff members, including 27 full time and 13 part time individuals. We involve more than 1500 adult volunteers in the course of our work over a year. We are a community of hope for those who need a home.
Our mission is eliminating homelessness by providing shelter, support and a chance to start over.

Case Manager- Permanent Supportive Housing: Our Fellow will support a caseload of 16-20 homeless clients in scattered apartment building sites. The Case Manager’s primary functions are to assist clients with the move-in process, meet weekly to assess and encourage a case plan, ensure basic needs are met and to assist with crisis prevention/intervention to assure housing stability. Additionally, PSH Case Managers formulate strong professional relationships with clients’ landlords to better advocate and mediate any issues that may arise.

OSH has a welcoming community approach, strong teamwork collaboration, and flexibility to creatively improve programming to meet residents’ needs. The ideal candidate for this position will embrace this mindset.

Sweet Pea Montessori

Sweet Pea Montessori collaborates with families to nurture the minds and the spirits of infants and toddlers. We strive for equity, community, and connections with nature.

Sweet Pea Montessori is part of the Wildflower Montessori School collaborative . Three Montessori teachers, Rebekah Herzog, Mary Gazca and Ann Luce, had the opportunity through Wildflower to start a new Montessori school for children aged birth to three , and we collaborated to create Sweet Pea Montessori. We all had Montessori training and believed it was the best way to educate children. We started as a small home based child care and then expanded through a loan and grants from Wildflower to start a facility that can serve up to 14 toddlers and 10-12 infants.

A properly prepared Montessori environment allows the children more freedom and responsibility for choosing activities than a traditional classroom. The adult observes and monitors their abilities and readiness for more advanced participation in activities that include self-care. This builds a healthy self-esteem and social interaction among the infants as well as toddlers.

Purpose: Sweet Pea Montessori is a diverse community of infants, toddlers, their families, and Montessori-trained caregivers. It provides children with a loving and developmentally appropriate environment to learn and grow in while at school, and supports families through cooperation and parent education. Sweet Pea Montessori serves as a model environment and offers mentorship to those interested in pursuing Montessori training.

Our vision is to collaborate with and support parents in their endeavor to raise happy, healthy children who care about others and appreciate and care for nature. We wish to participate in and enhance the community in our neighborhood and serve as a model that can be replicated.

Teaching Assistant:
Support the classroom guides in preparing and maintaining beautiful and safe Montessori environments
Be responsible for keeping the environment clean and orderly
Assist the children with diaper changes and toileting
Assist with meals and clean up
Take children outside daily
Follow all classroom procedures
Follow the chain of communication with parents
Maintain proper records as appropriate

TakeAction Minnesota

TakeAction Minnesota's mission is to unite the power of diverse individuals, communities and organizations in active grassroots democracy that builds racial, social and economic justice.

TakeAction Minnesota is a statewide people’s network that brings democracy alive in communities across our state. We connect individuals and organizations to each other, creating a powerful force that makes change happen where it wasn’t possible before. Since its founding ten years ago, TakeAction Minnesota has grown its breadth and depth. Our membership has grown 10-fold and touches every legislative district in the state. Our social media presence is robust. Our grassroots leadership is well-trained and shapes and implements the strategy of our various campaigns. As a result, TakeAction Minnesota has a track record of increasingly bold victories that change people’s lives for the better: the defeat of a photo ID constitutional amendment, massive public health care expansions, ban the box legislation, winning back $100million from HMOs, more than $400 million in corporate tax loopholes now closed, grassroots leaders running for – and winning – elected office.

Fellow Potision: TakeAction Fellow
• Use organizing tools (canvassing, doorknocking, phonebanking, one-to-one’s, powerful asks, etc.) and digital strategies to engage more Minnesotans in our work, develop deep relationships with them, and support their leadership development.
• Update organizational database systems with member and event information as a way to ensure and track successful completion of goals.
• Work with other staff to plan and execute cross-organizational events, grassroots fundraising and new member cultivation, communications plans, digital outreach plans, trainings, and other issue campaign actions.
• Work with a cross-organizational team on the annual People’s Celebration and other events.
• Complete and coordinate administrative projects and research assignments as needed and assigned.
• Other duties or tasks may be assigned on an as-needed basis.

TakeAction Minnesota is looking for individuals with a strong commitment to social, racial, and economic justice and progressive political change. This person will enthusiastically promote TakeAction Minnesota's goals and priorities in compliance with all policies and procedures and have a deep investment in our shared agenda for change. Successful candidates will also have a high level of personal accountability and independence.

Minneapolis/St. Paul Support Meetings

Quaker Voluntary Service recently expanded to Minneapolis/St. Paul as its fifth location in the fall of 2018. We are so excited to continue the process of building community and growing our work in the Twin Cities!

The Minneapolis QVS program in under the spiritual care of three Quaker Meetings in the area: Minneapolis Friends Meeting, Prospect Hill Friends Meeting, and Twin Cities Friends Meeting.

“Upon corporate and individual reflection, we in Prospect Hill Friends Meeting find our initial enthusiasm for Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS) undiminished and grounded in what we understand Spirit asks us to do. We affirm our desire to participate with other Friends to establish and cultivate a local QVS program, as Way opens…”

Prospect Hill Friends Meeting

Excerpt of Minute on Quaker Voluntary Service

Volunteer your time with QVS Minneapolis/St.Paul

Please click on the button below to learn more about volunteering to help with our first year in Minneapolis/St. Paul! We have a variety of tasks/needs that we could use support with, so please inquire to see how you might support this exciting endeavor!

For other ways to be involved, reach out to Eli Phillips, eli (at) quakervoluntaryservice.org.

Contact #QVSMSP

Please click on the button below to learn more about our needs in opening our fifth QVS location in Minneapolis/St. Paul!

For other ways to be involved, reach out to Eli Phillips, eli (at) quakervoluntaryservice.org.

2019-20 Fellows (click on any picture for more information)

Bridget Blair

Bridget Blair isn’t the most obvious Texas-native, aside from her incessant “y’all’s” and love for breakfast tacos, but after leaving Texas to pursue a degree in Anthropology/Sociology from Rhodes College in Memphis she realized her passion for environmental justice and took up what she had always avoided: agriculture. Her studies in environmental sociology led her into organic farming, and for the last year she has worked with the only girl-run urban agriculture project in the nation to create a more equitable and just food system. This summer she is working on a farm in Upstate New York to strengthen her skills in sustainable agriculture and communal living, and hopes to take this experience into her work with Minnesotans as the 2019-20 TakeAction Minnesota Fellow.

Ellen Finn

Ellen Finn grew up in Davis, California and recently graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a degree in Communication Studies with minors in Music and Gender and Queer Studies. Upon her graduation she completed her thesis research on the cultural memory of the US AIDS crisis through the collection and archiving of oral histories. Along with public health and housing issues, Ellen is excited about the outdoors and has spent many of her summers doing conservation trail maintenance work. In her spare time, she loves to play the upright bass, dance, bike, and discuss gender and queer issues with her friends. Ellen is passionate about uncovering people’s personal stories in order to best serve and empower them, and is thrilled to work as a case manager for Our Saviour’s Housing this upcoming year.

Leanne Cheong

Leanne Cheong grew up in Klang. Malaysia. She recently graduated from Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana with a degree in Sociology/Anthropology. At Earlham, she was involved with the International Student Coalition as well as Multicultural Resource Center that helped coordinate events that were focused on racial justice and intersectionality. During her last year, she was a co-convener of a newly formed house called Asian and Asian American Friendship House. She also wrote a thesis on how Asian identities are embodied by our physical bodies through non-belonging to the Asian identity itself. Earlham exposed her to a community where she learned to question, think, learn continuously through classes and the people she met. During her free time, she enjoys journaling, dancing and taking long walks. She is excited to navigate life and will continue to ponder about how simplicity intersects with the complexities of the world we live in. At the same time, she is also looking forward to the cold and working with Sweet Pea Montessori in Minneapolis this coming year.

Kirsten Fedorowicz

Kirsten Fedorowicz is a recent graduate of Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she majored in English with a writing emphasis and minored in Women’s Studies. Kirsten was editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper, The Saint, and a writing center consultant. Her passion for social justice was kindled by her work with the Social Action Committee (SAC), a club for which she was Vice President. During her time in college, she studied abroad in a tiny town in Ireland where she lived in a thatched roof cottage and climbed a lot of mountains. 

After attending meetings for a short time as a child, Kirsten rediscovered Quakerism her Senior year of college, when she started attending the Grand Rapids Friends meeting. Kirsten is excited to work with Bridging in Minneapolis this year.this year.

Miranda Dils

Miranda Dils grew up in Williamstown, Massachusetts and graduated from Bowdoin College in southern Maine in May 2019, where she majored in Psychology and English. Her early experiences at her small congregational church and all-girls summer camp on the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont helped to instill in her the value of community and the gift of spirituality. In college, she was deeply involved with the McKeen Center for the Common Good, which allowed her to form connections with older adults, individuals with disabilities, and local high school students with limited financial resources seeking higher education. During her junior spring at Bowdoin, she had a transformative semester in New Delhi, India, which culminated in an independent project exploring family and community responses to mental illness in Jamkhed, a rural town in the state of Maharashtra. As a senior, Miranda led a trip as part of her college’s Alternative Spring Break program; this involved educating students on the topics of disability and ableism in a seminar series and then traveling to upstate New York to live and work alongside young adults with developmental disabilities in their residential community. Along with disability justice and accessibility, Miranda is passionate about advocating for older adults, opening up dialogue around mental illness, and learning how disability and age intersect with other marginalized identities. She is also a fan of long drives with friends, homegrown food, listening to, reading, and writing her own and others’ stories, and believes in the healing power of daily laughter. Miranda is new to Quakerism and is looking forward to growing into her spirituality this coming year. She is thrilled about the opportunity to serve with Friends for a Nonviolent World.

Zephyr Sheedy

Zephyr Sheedy grew up in a rural area of Leesburg, Virginia. She attended school in Richmond, Virginia where she earned a degree in Filmmaking at VCUarts. Zephyr grew up going to Goose Creek Friends Meeting and for the past few years she has worked as a counselor at Opequon Quaker Camp. These communities have had an large impact on her, establishing her connection to nature and passion for working with others. After spending her last four years in art school, Zephyr is excited for this very new year in Minneapolis where she will be working with NorthPoint Health and Wellness as a Community Health Navigator.

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#QVSMSP- We need your help to fill this house!

#QVSMSP- We need your help to fill this house!

Do you have spare furniture, kitchen utensils, linens, bikes, beds, etc. that you are not using? We are seeking furniture and household items to be donated to the new QVS House in Minneapolis. We have an empty house to furnish in preparation for the arrival of QVS Fellows this fall. Please view the attached spreadsheet to see more about what we need!

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