Becoming a Partner Organization & Site Placement

Information for Site Placements

We invite your organization to consider serving as one of the service placements for Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS), a dynamic program providing opportunities for transformative service in peace, justice and community organizing contexts.

QVS is open to young adults interested in the intersection of faith and activism, living in intentional Quaker community, and openly engaging questions of faith and service in the world. QVS Fellows live together in simple intentional community. QVS partners with agencies and organizations that offer direct support to marginalized individuals and communities, and that strive to transform unjust structures. QVS places energetic and committed young people in full time positions in these agencies for 11 months (early September through late July). These QVS Fellows receive housing, a food stipend, access to health insurance, training, and spiritual support from QVS.

This year long experience has the potential to orient Fellows to a whole life committed to service and justice. To see the list of the organizations we currently partner with, see Current Placements.

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Having a full time person to support organizations like ours at a subsidized rate for a budget like ours was game-changing. We’re going to have another Fellow for the next cycle as well for sure…QVS Fellows are not interns and do much more than an intern could. We believe that all Fellows and interns need to be paid (and fairly), and I can’t imagine a situation for them any cooler than living in a cooperative house with OTHER Fellows also placed in mission-driven organizations around the same city.

Esteban Kelly

US Federation of Worker Cooperatives (Philadelphia)

Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) has found our QVS Fellow to be thoughtful, hard-working, diligent, insightful and always pleasant to work with. She provides a strong indicator of the caliber of committed young leaders QVS attracts to our racial equity work and we are humbled to continue benefiting from the program.

Suzanne Burnes

Partnership for Southern Equity (Atlanta)

This year having a QVS Fellow doubled the capacity of our community organizing department.

Sara Halawa

Community Action Agency of Somerville (Boston)

Our QVS Fellow has allowed us to sit at more tables and join more campaigns than we would have been able to without his presence. He contributes greatly to our work on diversity, equity and inclusion, bringing skills in that area and helping us forge connections with more diverse communities. I can’t overstate how valuable this Fellow has been in enhancing our work.

Kelly Campbell

Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility (Portland)


(Fellow application/interview dates are subject to change- we will keep this page updated as changes are made)

  • December 1- February 1: Agencies apply to become a QVS site placement (see the online application here).
  • March 15: QVS Fellow applications due.
  • March 28 – April 16: QVS staff interview and select Fellows, assigning them to each city.
  • April 20 – May 4: Site placement agencies interview QVS candidates and rank their top choices.
  • May 4: Sites let QVS know ranking and top choices.
  • By May 9: Fellows are assigned to a site placement agency.
  • By May 23: Fellows, Agencies, and QVS sign contracts.
  • July or August: Orientation meeting for site placement agency supervisors with QVS staff.
  • Last week of August: QVS Orientation for all Fellows.
  • September 4: QVS Fellows begin work placement.

Organizational Benefits

  • QVS Fellows are energetic and committed, equipped to work in cross-cultural settings. Most are college graduates.
  • Fellows bring training in facilitation, communication, conflict resolution and anti-oppression work.
  • Fellows bring connections to other organizations through the service sites of their QVS community members.
  • QVS provides Fellows with a context for reflection and support, which strengthens their contribution to your organization’s work.
  • Partnering with QVS provides a low-cost, full time intern who has been recruited and screened by QVS and selected by your organization.

Organizational Investment

  • The cost to host a QVS Fellow is approximately $17,500 for 11 months, full time, paid monthly, or in two installments.
  • This fee assists QVS in providing the following support to Fellows: rent and utilities, a food stipend, a personal living stipend, health insurance, travel costs, as well as programmatic support such as recruitment, orientation, on-going reflection, retreats, spiritual formation and education, and regular trainings and workshops on topics such as community organizing and nonviolent direct action.
  • We also ask your organization to create, in partnership with QVS staff, a job description intended to allow the Fellow to contribute meaningfully to your organization’s mission. Your organization is also asked to provide initial training and on-going supervision and mentoring for the QVS Fellow, insuring that the Fellow remains a valuable part of your team throughout his or her placement year.
  • Two full days of each month, QVS Fellows do not work at their site placement and instead spend that time together with the other Fellows and QVS staff in retreat, training, and reflection. QVS also asks agencies to grant several “flex days” throughout the year as other training opportunities become available as a primary goal of the year is for learning and growth in the Fellows.

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