2019-2020 Site Placements (click on any logo for more information)

Georgia Sierra Club

Founded by legendary conservationist John Muir in 1892, the Sierra Club is now the nation's largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization. What makes the Sierra Club unique is that we have the grassroots power to win with 2.7 million members and supporters, 64 Chapters, and over 400 groups. Our successes range from protecting millions of acres of wilderness to helping pass the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. More recently, we've made history by leading the charge to move away from the dirty fossil fuels that cause climate disruption and toward a clean energy economy.

Job Title: Sierra Student Coalition Clean Energy Organizer

Job Activities [focused on the College Campus Locations but not limited to]

1. Acts as a key team member of the Clean Energy for All Committee, including Membership Committee activities and events.
2. Recruits, and coordinates Sierra Club members and other pro-environment coalition partners to volunteer with the Georgia Chapter.
3. Educate the public about the importance of clean energy and the economic and environmental benefit it can bring to our communities.
4. Canvass neighborhoods and run phone banks to educate the public and Sierra Club members on clean energy campaign.
5. Coordinate with and assist local Sierra Club Group(s) with their campaign efforts. Strengthen local Group capacity by attracting new volunteers.
6. At the conclusion of the campaign, finish the project by compiling and delivering lists and other work products to Chapter leaders.
7. Supports fundraising activities for the Sierra Club Georgia Chapter, as needed.
8. Performs miscellaneous duties as assigned.

Knowledge & Skills:
- A four year degree or a graduate degree in Environmental Science, Political Science or a related field within the last 12 months.
- Must be willing to knock on doors and make phone calls every workday.
- Excellent written and oral communication skills.
- Ability to work well with diverse group, staff, volunteers and the public.
- Research and analytical skills.
- Proficient computer skills: word processing, spreadsheet, Internet.

Southern Center for Human Rights

The Southern Center for Human Rights (SCHR) is a nonprofit law firm dedicated to providing legal representation to people facing the death penalty, challenging human rights violations in prisons and jails, seeking through litigation and advocacy to improve legal representation for poor people accused of crimes, and advocating for criminal justice reform on behalf of those affected by the system in the Southern United States. SCHR was founded in 1976 by ministers and activists in response to the United States Supreme Court’s reinstatement of the death penalty that year and to the horrendous conditions in Southern prisons and jails. The organization’s attorneys and investigators struggled alongside civil rights organizations, families, and faith-based organizations to protect the human rights of people of color, poor people, and others in the criminal justice system in the South. Complementing our capital litigation, SCHR has a strong civil litigation practice that is able to bring impact litigation challenging the systemic deficiencies revealed through our capital litigation. Some of SCHR’s largest wins have resulted in an overhaul of South Carolina’s entire prison system; major renovations in Louisiana’s Angola Prison death row; shutting down Alabama’s Morgan County jail; and improved HIV care in Limestone Prison in Alabama, including an 80% drop in AIDS deaths.

The Southern Center for Human Rights (SCHR) is excited to invite a Quaker Fellow to join our vibrant legal team as a Criminal Justice Reform Intake Specialist (“Specialist”). The Specialist will work closely with attorneys and investigators to respond to challenges and concerns from people who are under criminal justice control and challenge unconstitutional or illegal criminal justice practices and the application of the death penalty in Georgia and Alabama.


9to5, founded in 1973, is a national membership-based organization committed to strengthening the ability of low-income women to win economic justice. 9to5 combines advocacy, public education, civic engagement, grassroots organizing, policy campaigns and leadership development to improve employment policies for women and families. Their mission is to build a movement to achieve economic justice by engaging directly affected women to improve working conditions. While they work to win immediate improvements in conditions for low-income women, they also seek to address the root causes of poverty among women and their families, and to focus on the links between different types of oppression. They connect injustice in the workplace with the systemic discrimination from which it stems, and relate both to the need for creation and protection of family supporting jobs for all. They also work for social change within our organization and community by electing our leadership from our constituency, operating in a democratic manner, connecting local and global issues, working in collaboration with other local organizations, and building communication and trust across diverse constituencies.

The QVS Fellow position is as the Helpline and Chapter Organizer which is split between three roles. Half of the Fellow’s time will be devoted to outreach and member engagement for the Atlanta chapter’s issue campaigns (Ban the Box, Election Connection, and the Family Care Act). A quarter of the Fellow’s time will be spent managing the Job Survival Helpline, providing information to our callers about their rights on the job and assistance navigating their options to deal with workplace issues. We provide in-depth training on employment law and resources available to our callers, as well as side-by-side on the job training for practice taking calls. The final quarter of the Fellow’s time will be supporting the Action Network, including engaging helpline callers and other new contacts to provide tools and resources to build support for working women’s issues in their own communities.

American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia

American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia is dedicated to preserving the civil liberties enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Through litigation, lobbying, and communications, the ACLU of Georgia works to preserve and enhance the rights of all citizens of Georgia without political partisanship. Foremost among these rights are freedom of speech and religion, the right to equal treatment under law, and the right to privacy.

The national ACLU was founded in 1920 and is made up of 52 state affiliates. The Georgia affiliate, originally founded in 1970 is now comprised of 15 staff, 22,000 members (in all 159 counties of the state), and over 80,00 supporters. Each day, through community engagement, communications, lobbying, and litigation, the ACLU of Georgia fights to preserve and enhance the rights assured to all people without regard to politics or partisanship. We are a multi issue organization, with current priorities in voter rights and criminal justice reform. We stand for the right to vote, free speech, LGBT rights, racial justice, criminal justice reform, women’s rights, reproductive rights, immigrants’ rights, and other freedoms that are vital to our democracy.

Voter Rights Organizer-

The ACLU of GA seeks an energetic and dynamic voter rights organizer who will help grow and develop the affiliate’s capacity to educate and mobilize ACLU members, supporters and the general public around core voter rights issues, with an emphasis on the issue of redistricting. With the 2020 census approaching, we have an opportunity to advance an agenda that calls for a fair and transparent redistricting process while simultaneously working to correct the many barriers voters experienced in accessing the ballot in the 2018 election.

Primary duties and responsibilities:

  • Organize community meetings and events on redistricting and other voter rights issues; this includes logistics, outreach, and helping to develop the agendas. Fellow will be trained in facilitation as well to be able to apply those skills in community meetings.
  • Coordinate in-district meetings with state legislators in target locations.
  • Coordinate volunteers to engage in on-the-ground monitoring of the election process, including attending Election Board meetings in target locations.
  • Develop and/or execute creative tactics to educate, engage and mobilize ACLU members and the public to get involved in our campaign; similarly, develop and/or execute tactics that engage elected officials to champion our issues.
Friends School of Atlanta

Friends School Atlanta's mission is to provide challenging academics in a diverse environment, drawing on the Quaker testimonies, or values, of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship to empower our students to go out into the world with conscience, conviction and compassion. FSA, opened in 1991 as a model for diversity and with the belief that all students have within themselves unique capacities for learning and achievement.

The school currently serves 180 students and employs 48 faculty and staff. The learning program provides opportunities for students to achieve their highest academic levels. In a supportive learning environment, students develop their capacities through independent thought, service and responsible action, thereby fostering life-long learning, self-confidence and respect for others. We provide a caring, cooperative atmosphere encouraging students to support each other as equals, and discourage that which would set one student above another.
The belief of Friends that individuals must find their own way leads to respect for the faith of everyone. Following the Quaker tradition of meeting corporately in reflective silent worship, an integral part of the school is the weekly meeting where the community gathers in silence to attend to the inner voice of the Spirit. This is a time to reflect upon experience, share thoughts with one another and seek truth.

Fellow Position: Assistant Teacher
FSA serves a diverse population of students including some students with learning disabilities in an inclusive classroom model. Approximately 45% of students identify as students of color, 30% receive financial assistance to support their enrollment, and FSA has long been a welcoming school community for LGBTQ families. The QVS Fellow would support students and teachers in a wide variety of ways and depending upon their areas of interest. Past QVS have taught in classrooms, monitored playground, originated clubs, created service learning opportunities, mentored individual students, researched grant opportunities, supported refugee Quaker families in their matriculation to the school.

The QVS Fellow should enjoy working with children and and be flexible. Humor, organizational skills and patience are good qualities for this position. Assistant teachers cover lots of diverse needs at school and many of the areas of coverage will take place outdoors. Having a playful side is a must!

FSA follows a traditional school schedule. QVS Fellows are asked to be on campus from 8am until 4pm. Tuesdays, we hold a faculty/staff meeting until 5pm. The school is able to be pretty flexible with work schedules.

Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence's mission is: Collaborate. Advocate. Educate. Empower. GCADV envisions a Georgia free of domestic violence. GCADV's guiding principles and core values include: Empowerment and Self-Determination; Safety; Diversity and Equality; Survivor-centered Response; Social Change and Collaboration; Systems Accountability; Commitment to Nonviolence; Confidentiality; Integrity; Safe Space; Responsibility to Mission and Team; Remembering and honoring the “Herstory” of the Movements; Celebrate. Our goals are to empower survivors and the programs that serve them, educate the public, and advocate for responsive public policy. Our strength is in numbers, as we collaborate throughout Georgia to stop domestic violence. We support our mission by fostering quality services for victims by increasing the capacity of members and service providers, mobilizing a statewide voice to increase public policy development that helps victims and prevents DV, and educating the public to take action and prevent domestic violence. Overall, GCADV values, Equity, Wholeness, and Freedom.

Originally formed as a grassroots volunteer agency in 1980 as the Georgia Network Against Domestic Violence, the organization grew out of the overwhelming need for domestic violence agencies to form a statewide network of programs to coordinate and expand the services available to victims of domestic violence in Georgia, increase public awareness, and achieve crucial legislation to protect domestic violence victims, including state-funding for domestic violence programs. GCADV has a staff of 14 and is located in Decatur, GA. Projects include: Training & TA, Child & Youth, Community Engagement, Disabilities, Deaf Advocacy, Housing, Public Policy, Justice for Incarcerated Survivors. GCADV serves the State of Georgia.

Position Description:Justice for Incarcerated Survivors Project Coordinator
This position will coordinate the Justice for Incarcerated Survivors Project (JFIS), oversee project evaluation and outcome measurement for GCADV programs, oversee the Homicide Database, and conduct policy research as needed. This is a dynamic and exciting position that will be a cornerstone in the development of GCADV’s efforts to address domestic violence (DV) from a myriad of frameworks.

As the coordinator of the JFIS this person will work with the Dept. of Corrections, Board of Pardons and Paroles, and volunteer advocates and attorneys to assist women in Georgia’s prison who are victims of DV to assist those whose victimization played a significant impact on their imprisonment.
This position would also support GCADV’s evaluation activities and is responsible for assisting GCADV staff with project evaluation and monitoring, designing evaluation and data collection tools, collecting and analyzing data, and incorporating data and evaluation findings into project reports and other key GCADV communications. In addition this position would oversee the data collection for the domestic violence homicide database and conduct policy research to help guide GCADV’s public policy agenda.

It would be ideal for the person filling this position to have experience in project oversight, design, and management, the ability to work with populations in and from a wide range of systems and backgrounds, experience in project evaluation and design, and an abundant interest in social justice work.

L’Arche Atlanta

L’Arche Atlanta brings together people with and without intellectual disabilities to share life in faith community. Our mission is to make known the gifts of people with intellectual disabilities, revealed through mutually transforming relationships. L’Arche has a rich 50 year history in the world. Originally founded in France in 1964, L’Arche has expanded to approximately 140 communities in 37 countries. L’Arche was founded in Atlanta in 2012. The house in Atlanta is comprised of three core members (people with disabilities) live with three live-in assistants. L’Arche also serves approximately 125 people of all abilities through community social events that occur every other month.

Position Description: Live-out Community Support Professional
L’Arche provides ample training and support in the role a QVS Fellow will fill, which would be to provide direct care support for the core members of the community. They will assist in daily living tasks and activities including meal preparation, medication administration, transportation, grocery shopping, behavioral support implementation, and other care-related activities. Along with support from L’Arche staff, there will be opportunity for research around racial, religious, and socio-economic diversity as it relates to disability studies and funding. The QVS Fellow can expect to be a part of a larger conversation and experience of community, compassion, and gifts that each person brings.

Driver licence required.




Partnership for Southern Equity

Partnership for Southern Equity  (PSE) advances policies and institutional actions that promote racial equity and shared prosperity for all in the growth of metropolitan Atlanta and the American South.

(PSE), has been advancing the cause of equity through a ecosystem-based model for multi-demographic engagement in the City of Atlanta and the surrounding metropolitan region – a bustling area emblematic of many Southern communities riven by racial, economic and class disparities.

Using its strength in its ability to connect, educate, and empower diverse individuals and organizations to encourage just, sustainable practices for shared prosperity, PSE has stood at the forefront of promoting balanced growth and shared prosperity throughout metropolitan Atlanta and the American South.

Focusing on three key areas: energy, growth and opportunity, PSE has developed strong partnerships, which have resulted in a series of successful policy initiatives that helped elevate and enable the communities we serve.

Just Growth Racial Equity Fellow:
The QVS Fellow will be responsible for communications needs of the Just Growth Portfolio, including preparation of brief articles, social media posts, updating web content and ongoing communications with Just Growth Circle members and key stakeholders. Fellow will also be working directly with community leaders in southeast Atlanta around the equitable and ecological revitalization of their community - assisting with logistics and communications regarding community planning sessions. Fellow will also assist with deliver of community academy on equitable development practices. Written and verbal communication skills essential, as well as comfort working directly with community members. Organizational skills also critical

Atlanta Support Meeting

The first Quaker Voluntary Service program began in August 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia, with seven young adult Fellows. We have welcomed a new cohort to Atlanta every year since! This program is under the spiritual care of the Atlanta Friends Meeting.

There are many ways for Friends to get involved and support the ongoing QVS Atlanta program. Thank you!

Contact #QVSATL

Please click on the button below or contact City Coordinator, Kiana Beasley, to learn more about our needs and to let us know how you want to be involved.

2019-2020 Fellows (click on any picture for more information)

Olivia Atlee-Loudon

Olivia Atlee-Loudon grew up immersed in Quaker Spirituality, attending Quaker School as well as a Quaker summer camp. She is very excited about the opportunity to be involved in work that she finds to be valuable and makes a contribution to social justice. . Her parents work with Quaker agencies took Olivia’s family to Central America, where she lived in Honduras for one year and in Nicaragua for seven years. This experience strengthened her passion for social justice and deepened her understanding of privilege. Olivia recently graduated from Aquinas College in Michigan with a Bachelors degree in Spanish. Since graduating, Olivia has been substitute teaching and working at a head start program for children of migrant farm workers. Olivia is looking forward to being a part of an intentional community, and reconnecting with her Quaker roots. She is excited to be working with 9to5 in Atlanta.

Kirsten Fagin

Kirsten Fagin is a spiritualist from Atlanta, GA. She currently works as the Evening Program coordinator for Camp Meriwether. Kirsten’s passions are wide in range, from doing community work to reading tarot for clients and community. She finds that spending time in nature and nurturing those closest to her bring her comfort. This year you can find Kirsten at Friends School Atlanta! She’s very excited to start working closely with the school and faculty!

Erin Hazlett-Norman

Erin Hazlett-Norman calls the red clay and bluegrass of Durham, North Carolina home.  They recently graduated from Bates College with a degree in Environment and Human Culture and minors in Spanish and Gender & Sexuality Studies.  Erin was a lifer at Carolina Friends School, growing up with a foot in both the Quaker and Unitarian Universalist communities and a heart steeped in Southern gospel and Appalachian folk music. They love to dance, stargaze, and show their love for people by cooking them good food.  Erin is passionate about queer liberation and food sovereignty in the South and has been profoundly impacted by their involvement in agricultural justice work with NC-based Student Action with Farmworkers and tuition equity and immigrant rights work both on and off campus with Bates Student Action.  They have found nurturing community working as a counselor and kitchen manager at Shiloh Quaker Camp and among fellow student organizers at Bates. Erin is thrilled to be returning to the South after four years away and is excited to join the ACLU of Georgia as a voting rights organizer in Atlanta.

Nick Byers

Nick Byers is devoted to exploring and amplifying the intersections of cultural critique, artistic practice, and racial justice. He hails from San Francisco, California, and is an ardent supporter of harm reduction and restorative justice in the Bay Area and beyond. At Wesleyan University, he completed a multi-disciplinary major focusing on social theory, government, history and economics, and wrote a thesis exploring the nuances of trap music, informed by recent developments in critical Black theory. He plans to continue to work on this manuscript in a comparative literature program, and also hopes to one day open a community center devoted to hip-hop culture, youth development and racial justice. You can find him on twitter @bybybyers or via email at [email protected] He’ll be working with The Southern Center for Human Rights during the 2019-2020 QVS year.

Istra Fuhrmann

Istra Fuhrmann grew up in Denton, Texas where she was passionate about combating fracking and air pollution via community mobilization and environmental education. She is a recent graduate of Swarthmore College, majoring in Mandarin Chinese and Political Science. During a semester with Middlebury in Kunming, China, she wrote a Mandarin-language thesis on the disproportionately rural and minority “involuntary migrants” displaced in Southwest China. In addition to languages, she also loves all birds, music, and exploring urban and nature environments. 

Most recently, she served at Sanctuary for Families’ Anti-Trafficking Initiative working on legal services and social services for trafficking survivors. This year, she will be working with the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence (Justice for Incarcerated Survivors Project). She is excited to begin exploring Quaker spirituality and to see how she can support local activism for racial justice, economic justice and women/queer rights.

Arron Luo

Arron Luo majored in American Studies and minored in East Asian Studies at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. There, he has worked at the dining hall as a student worker, in various departments and offices as an assistant, and for the Office of Community Service as a food rescue program coordinator. He studied abroad in Beijing, China in his junior year. Throughout college, he has been active in minority student communities and invested in conversations around race, class, and diversity & inclusion. Since graduating in 2018, Arron has been a residential camp counselor for middle and high school students in Pennsylvania; a rider in the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure supporting the Georgia-based Fuller Center for Housing; a GNC store manager in his home state of New York; and a volunteer English teacher for indigenous youth in Nantou, Taiwan. In his free time, he likes to read, ride his bike, and practice performance arts like juggling or poi. While he grew up attending a nondenominational church founded by and for Chinese immigrant families and Chinese international students, Arron is altogether new to Quakerism. He looks forward to growing in spirituality and community with other QVS fellows and his site placement, L’Arche Atlanta, in the upcoming year.

Jillian Eller

Jillian Eller grew up in State College, Pennsylvania. She is a recent graduate from Temple University with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in Geography and Urban Studies and a certificate in GIS. Her passion for environmental concern is rooted in her upbringing both physically and spiritually. As as child growing up in rural Pennsylvania, Jillian connected with nature everyday. As a Wiccan, her spiritual practices revolve around the earth and its seasonal ebbs and flows. During her undergraduate career, she worked as a research assistant on a project which aimed to explore neighborhood change and recent green space development in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was also a very active member and president of an undergraduate association for the program she studied in. The nexus of personal, spiritual, and academic discourse surrounding the environment has led Jillian to participate in social justice with an environmental lens. During her year with the Quaker Voluntary Service, Jillian will work with the Sierra Club Georgia Chapter in Atlanta, Georgia.

Linnea Halsten

Linnea Halsten is a fresh graduate from Oberlin College and is orginially from Madison WI. As a Religion and Environmental Studies major she is interested in taking a wholistic and community centered approach to social justice issues. Linnea participated in varsity Track and Cross Country in college where she found a supportive and dynamic family in her team. Linnea was a Barefoot Dialogue Facilitator where she found power in being a part of vulnerable dialogue centered around seeking meaning over agreement. She cultivated community leading the Buddhist Fellowship on her campus within the format of Thich Nhat Hanh’s Zen Buddhist tradition and being a four year member of Oberlin Student Cooperative Association. Currently, Linnea holds roots in Zen Buddhist practice but is actively spiritually exploring. She am excited to be working with the Partnership for Southern Equity this year where she will be assisting in the Just Growth program.

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