Alumni Fellowship

Alumni Fellowship Site Placements for 2017-18 

Friends General Conference

Friends General Conference provides services and resources for individual Friends, meetings, and people interested in the Quaker way. FGC is an association of regional Quaker communities in the U.S. and Canada working together to nurture a vital Quaker faith. Founded in 1900, FGC has grown from a voluntary organization of seven yearly meetings, created to hold a “general conference” every other year, to an association of fourteen yearly meetings, supplemented with regional groups and individual meetings. FGC continues to sponsor an annual Gathering of Friends.

At its heart, FGC is a member and volunteer led organization. The way FGC operates is deeply rooted in the Quaker testimonies and based on Quaker practices. We believe that through worship and openness to God’s will, the right focus and direction for the organization will emerge. Discernment is achieved through broad participation of Friends from around the country in a variety of committees.

The QVS Alumni Fellow will serve as the Ministry on Racism Support Specialist, working closely with the Committee for Nurturing Ministries (CNM) coordinator for the ministry on racism work, the Committee for Nurturing Ministries (and other FGC staff as appropriate.) The support specialist assists the coordinator and committee with their routine work, planning of consultations and conferences, and also assists with inquiries from monthly, quarterly and yearly meetings. The support specialist assists with supporting the FGC staff in its diversity work and identifying resources that nurture the work of addressing racism within the Religious Society of Friends. This year (2017-2018) the support specialist will assist CNM with supporting FGC with initiating the Institutional Cultural Assessment. The fellow should have experience in or a desire to develop experience with a diverse range of individuals regarding age, race, gender and ethnic backgrounds, and should understand White Supremacy is a systemic problem within the United States and Canada. The Fellow should work autonomously, write clearly and directly, as well as have the ability to edit written materials.

Germantown Friends School (Alumni)

Germantown Friends School is dedicated to reaching that of God in every person. Their mission is to seek truth, challenge the intellect, honor differences, embrace the city, and nurture each student’s mind, body and spirit. They are a Friends school, under the care of Germantown Monthly Meeting, founded on the belief that there is that of God in everyone. Together, love and respect for each individual provide the premise for all that we do. We regard education not as training for a particular way of life, but as part of a lifelong process, and as we guide and encourage our students in their personal growth, we try to cultivate and support in them principles that Friends have long considered to have lasting value. Among these are truthfulness, simplicity and self-discipline, the resolution of differences without violence, and respect for diverse heritages and experiences.

The QVS Alumni Fellow will work closely with the Director of Community Involvement and the Director of Multicultural Affairs to further develop plans for a Germantown Friends School Center for Social Justice. The GFS Center for Social Justice seeks to unify and coordinate educational projects to achieve the following goals:

  • Foster and deepen students’ critical engagement in pressing social issues
  • Develop students as knowledgeable leaders and facilitators
  • Support the development of teachers and staff in areas of social justice education
  • Provide educational resources and opportunities for members of the Germantown (and Philadelphia) communities.

This work will entail developing curriculum for students from EC-12th grade, developing professional development curriculum for educators and administrators, and developing public relations and social media materials. The QVS Alumni Fellow will bring leadership in social justice education and familiarity with a variety of social justice issues such as race, privilege, environmental justice, gender, etc. This work will advance best practices of social justice education and leverage GFS’s position as a leader in the independent school community. The QVS Alumni Fellow will assist in interpreting and communicating the value of this work to GFS’s stakeholders.

Germantown Friends Meeting (Alumni)

Germantown Friends Meeting is a a community of friendly Quakers located in the Northwest section of Philadelphia. Meeting for Worship is the heart of Quakerism and the center of spiritual focus and renewal for the Religious Society of Friends, as we gather together in expectant silence to hear that still small voice of God. Our worship experience nurtures the bonds of community, helps speak to the needs of seekers, and gives rise to our testimonies and actions on peace, justice and other social concerns. We welcome all attenders, friends and neighbors. Most of our members first came to our meeting as visitors; we have always found that the presence of visitors enriches our meeting.

Germantown Friends Meeting seeks a Young Adult Engagement Intern to to support the meeting becoming a place that attracts, welcomes, nurtures and supports young adults in their spiritual development within the community. The intern will work with Germantown MM to create one stand-alone project that can add to the life of the meeting and surrounding community that can be completed within the 11-month time span of the QVS Program. The QVS Alumni Fellow would have a care committee, made up of members from Germantown MM that they would meet with regularly, and will serve on committees that are responsible for outreach and pastoral ministry. We define the young adult community widely, including, but not limited to, young adults residing in proximity of the meeting, participants of QVS Philadelphia, visitors of our meeting, those raised in meeting, and those who attended, worked, or have children attending the meeting’s Friends school.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Logo
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting is a regional association of local Quaker communities in Pennsylvania, Delaware, northern Maryland, and southern New Jersey. We bring Quakers in our region together to deepen our collective spirituality and to build synergistic relationships. We develop programs that serve local Quaker communities in a spirit of collaboration and fun. We cultivate volunteers and staff who help make the leadings of our yearly meeting community come alive and discern corporate witness when it arises.

The Communications Associate for Community Engagement is a QVS Alumni Fellow who supports the innovative development of energizing content towards building a culture of sharing our stories, to inspire, motivate and hearten each other as needed. The Alumni Fellow helps encourage the communities that make up Philadelphia Yearly Meeting to publicize their work and ministry with each other and with the wider body of Friends.

Click here for a more in depth description of job duties.


The QVS Alumni Fellowship expands upon the success of QVS’s core first year program, with the explicit intent of strengthening and revitalizing the Religious Society of Friends and the institutions which support it.

The Fellows in the QVS Alumni Fellowship are recruited from those young adults who have already completed one year with QVS as Fellows in one of the cities where the QVS program now exists—Philadelphia, Atlanta, Boston, Minneapolis, and Portland, OR. These Fellows have experienced spiritual formation, social justice training, direct service work in non-profit organizations, and living in intentional Quaker community as the key elements of their first year with QVS. This background provides them with an ideal foundation for participating in a program that focuses on Quaker leadership development including placement in one of the Quaker organizations in the Philadelphia area. The Fellows will also continue the process of spiritual formation, both individually and as a group, and are expected to participate in the worship and activities of a monthly and quarterly meeting, as well as Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. Such involvement will also deepen their understanding of Quaker faith and practice, while continuing to build their leadership and organizational skills. 

Meet our current year Alumni Fellows (2017-2018)

Nicolina Hansen-Neff

Nicolina Hansen-Neff

Nicolina Hansen-Neff grew up in Keizer, Oregon where she attended Salem Friends Meeting. She is a recent graduate of Earlham College, where she studied math, music, and Spanish. When she returned from a semester abroad in Spain, she spent the summer before her final year of undergrad as an intern at Amigos Latino Center in Richmond, Indiana. In her free time, she likes to sing, dance, play music, go backpacking, read, and have Good Conversations (and wholly appreciates the power of Good Silences, as well). She enjoys working with children and is looking forward to serving with Kindezi West Lake this year.

Claire Hannapel

Claire Hannapel grew up in Durham, North Carolina where she attended Durham Friends Meeting. She graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2016. At Carolina, she was heavily involved with food justice and advocacy groups and led a campaign for more transparency and inclusive decision-making of institutional food sourcing and food accessibility.

During her first QVS year, Claire worked at the Georgia Law Center for the Homeless where she developed and managed the Identification Advocacy Program, assisting individuals facing homelessness with obtaining their birth certificates. This service helped remove one of many barriers to chronic homelessness, supporting individuals so that they could secure stable housing and employment, as well as apply for additional social assistance programs. Claire found that her work with the Law Center strengthened her advocacy skills and reaffirmed her Quaker values. Yet, witnessing the impacts of systems and institutions that still blatantly and subtly inflict violence upon the lives of people of color and those in poverty, the work was simultaneously complicating her understanding of social policy and legal protection.

This experience has compelled Claire to continuing to seek community in the southeast and engage in meaningful work to build structural change and inclusive policy that reaches those forced to the margins.

Claire is looking forward to serving as an Alumni Fellow at Quaker Voluntary Service itself, as Outreach and Development Coordinator.

Chrissie Elcock

Christina Elcock graduated from Brunel University with a BA in English Literature & Creative Writing – and left with a desire to learn more about the world. She was born and bred in London and has spent the majority of her gap year travelling to places like Colombia to voluntarily assist in teaching English and to Vermont at a Quaker-based summer camp to nurture, teach and empower young girls. Although in these experiences she was the educator, Christina was also doing a lot of learning. These experiences were incredibly discerning for her and were a large part of her spiritual journey. It was what helped pave the way for this new chapter at QVS with Bread & Roses Community Fund, and she will be leaving a marketing role in the travel sector to make this possible. Christina is immensely excited to participate in something meaningful and much bigger than herself. She’s keen to continue to learn about their works, this journey she’s on and applying Quaker values to both her work and home life. Aside from this, Christina finds profound gratification in travel and writing and also administrate a digital poets’ & writers’ channel on Instagram. In addition to this, it’s books, arts & culture, the warm-hearted, occasional meditation and great food that are the secret ingredients that make for a contented self. Christina will be serving in Philadelphia this year.

Alumni Fellowship Job Description

Position: Quaker Voluntary Service Alumni Fellow

Quaker Voluntary Service’s Alumni Fellowship is an 11-month program in which individuals who have completed a year of service with QVS can deepen their involvement in the Quaker community by participating in a second year. The Alumni Fellowship provides the opportunity to continue the learning and growth from the first year with QVS, but with more professional and leadership development and a little less structure.

Alumni Fellows work full time in a Quaker organization while continuing to explore themes of spiritual and personal growth with local Quakers. Fellowships are only available in Philadelphia, PA. Examples of possible site placements include the American Friends Service Committee, Friends Journal, Friends Fiduciary Corporation, Friends World Committee for Consultation, Pendle Hill, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, and Friends General Conference. Fellowships may also be available in other cities as way opens, depending on alumni demand and available site placement opportunities.

Unlike the first year QVS program, Alumni Fellows are expected to be more independent and will take responsibility for the development of their own community, learning, and spiritual growth opportunities. QVS staff will remain available to support, consult, or help alumni Fellows in any way they may need throughout the year. Alumni Fellows will also continue to be supported by and encouraged to engage with local Quaker communities, but are not asked to worship with a specific Monthly Meeting.

Alumni Fellows receive assistance finding suitable housing and a monthly stipend to cover full reimbursement for housing, utilities, transportation pass, and food. While still modest, the stipend will be increased for second year Fellows. QVS also offers health and wellness support (including reimbursement for health insurance and mental health if needed) and financial support for paying off student loan interest, a combined grocery allowance/living stipend. Alumni are also financially supported in attending conferences which enhance both professional and spiritual growth. Alumni Fellows serve as support staff for national orientation for first year QVS Fellows.

The 2018-19 program year is from August 26th, 2018- End of July, 2019.

If you have any questions about the QVS Alumni Fellowship program, please email Executive Director, Christina Repoley: [email protected]

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